This is how it began..


"Is this normal?"

She told me to show, Carmen, a medic on set that day.

I had weird bruising all over my thighs. I didn't run into anything. I didn't play rough with the dogs. I justified it in my head as me being slightly anemic. Just add it to my other weird problems like being an overactive puker, headaches, and having a tingling sensation every now and again. It kept progressing and so I confided in my friend Angela for her opinion. I showed her a picture and asked, "Is this normal?". She told me to show, Carmen, a medic on set that day. He advised right away for me to get checked out by the ER. 

I got a job as the main actress in a music video for the band, Starset, filming the day after Carmen advised me to go to the ER. It was in town, paid, and a one day acting gig. I figured I've waited this long to go to the doctor, I could wait one more day. I noticed my eyes were pretty puffy when I woke up. I put some firming eye cream on and finished the day. Tired, but none the less, I finished the day. 

The next day I leisurely woke up. Since work finally picked up, it was my only time off for the next week. I eventually remembered what Carmen had said and showed my mom my bruised thighs. She was the final push to go to the ER. She said "We are going now." I'm the type of person to put pain on the back burner. I like to keep up. To justify why something is wrong instead of asking for help and succombing to my ill body. So, I needed my mom to make me go or else I probably wouldn't have gone.

It was around 4pm March 30th, 2017 when we arrived at Mount Carmel St. Ann's Hospital ER. They take blood pressure as you check in at the front desk. Mine was in the 200's, therefore they admitted me to ICU within the hour for blood work. The tests came back as my creatine was at 12 which it should be around 1. My postassium was super high which is dangerous because that could cause your heart to stop. These symtoms and even my overactive puking and puffy eyes are all from kidney's that are not working properly. They did not have a reason for it yet but I was diagnosed with End Stage Renal Disease that night.