Hi there! My name is Johanna (silent H). I figured I should make an introduction. 

  • an actress
  • a filmmaker
  • a dogmom
  • a friend
  • a lover
  • a navigator
  • a networker
  • an adventurer
    • single
  • determined
  • energetic
  • optimistic
  • confident (some days)
  • silly
  • sexy (not many days)
  • kind, patient, & persistent

I work in film, I'm 29 years old and Im on dialysis. 

The whole dialysis thing is still new to me. I was diagnosed end of March this year (2017). I haven't been able to work since because of the ups and downs my body has been going through. I've also been switching from Hemodialysis to Peritoneal Dialysis (Click the link to learn about each dialysis.) which Ill explain more in depth in a later post. Took me a couple months to pull the trigger but I decided to film a documentary on my journey from dialysis to kidney transplant. I had no idea how many people go through this and I want to create some more awareness. I also just want to keep myself busy creating film. And there IN A DIALYSIS DAIZE the documentary was born. I started hash tagging #InaDialysisDaize while I was first diagnosed and decided it would be the perfect title. Considering the doc won't be released until after I get a transplant and finish the film; I've decided to make this blog in an effort to keep people in the loop with my health, the transplant process, and again to keep my mind busy. 


Rocky & Rufus

These are my fur babies. The most appealing baggage I have. Just look at that face!





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