Big ask, Big give.


A lot of people have asked me when my transplant is taking place. If I'm on a list yet. If I have possible donors. Therefore I want to explain the long process. 


When is your transplant scheduled?

I do not have a donor yet. It could take a year before I get a transplant surgery.


Are you on a list?

No, I am not on a list yet. I will have to be checked out by multiple doctors to make sure I have no infections, cancer, or other diseases that could affect or reject my transplant. My first clinical was set up a month after my education class. And my last appointment is in October to get me on the list. 


What do I do if I'm interested in donating a kidney?

Anyone interested in donating will also have to go through rigorous testing with doctors. I am A+ blood type so a match for me would be A or O. But if you are interested in donating and are NOT a match for me, they have an exchange program. In that case your kidney would go to someone and a match would come back to me. 


How will I pay for it? Will I get any assistance financially?

Did you know?

The National Living Donor Assistance Center provides financial support for travel to the Transplant Center for eligible living donors!


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Thank you for anyone who has supported me and shared my journey. If you are seriously interested in donating a kidney to me; feel free to fill out this form and I will contact you. 

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And check out the Big Ask, Big Give website to learn more about being a donor!